Meteorological monitoring

Our solutions include meteorological expertise, high-quality meteorological instruments and customized software.

Air Quality Monitoring

At Studio okolje, we make our clients’ peace of mind a priority. They may rest assured that the collected data will meet the requirements for completeness, accuracy and representativeness of data sets.

Odour assessment

Odour is caused primarily by aromatic hydrocarbons. They are both environmentally and socially disturbing.

Dispersion modeling

Aside from measurements, we also analyze the dispersion of particles by means of computer models that describe the physical events which take place in the process of dispersion, and simulate the dispersion of particles in a given impact area.

Weather forecasts

Daily, we come across numerical weather predictions.


By combining meteorological or agro-meteorological measurements with numerical weather forecasts, we can facilitate a more efficient use of natural resources, optimize field-work, and make better use of the working time in agriculture.


Automatic weather stations

Studio okolje boasts many years of experience in the field of meteorological monitoring and using measuring devices.

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Air Quality Stations

Studio okolje has been managing air quality stations for over 20 years.

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Modeling and virtual reality - vrAM

When it comes to presenting the impacts of different emission sources on the environment, state of the art technology enables us to come up with innovative solutions.

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Infield olfactometer SM100i

The Scentroid SM100i field olfactometer is a breakthrough in the development of field odour monitoring.

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Static hood

The static hood enables collection of air samples from area sources with a low vertical emission rate.

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Agriculture - Climagro

Efficient management of agricultural areas and sustainable management of natural resources are in the interest both of producers and of society.

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Portable olfactometer SS400

Scentroid SS400, a dynamic olfactometer developed by Studio okolje and Scentroid, is an advanced portable six station olfactometer.

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